Our goal is to provide timely weather information to make your experience sunny and fun with no surprises.
You can choose from the Mountain Weather Service and the Weather Consulting Service.
Mountain Weather Services:
This service is geared to two types of outdoors people. For the casual person who would prefer their outing be enjoyed in the sun. It is also geared for the serious mountaineer who can ill afford nasty weather. We will tell you when the nice seam of weather occurs. The following membership services are provided for mountain weather.

You will receive:
  1. Weekly e-mail weather updates - every Wednesday and Friday you get the details for the weekend weather. We will also tell you during the week when there is a good seam of weather.
  2. Newsletters explain the wacky northwest weather
  3. Special alerts if there are weather, road or trail issues.
Yearly cost is $42. Pay for this in one of three ways:
  1. Pay with PayPal
  2. Mail check to Washington Online Weather, 9512 168th NE, Redmond, Wa. 98052
  3. Call our secure phone line with your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.
    Call toll free, 1-877-WOW-4-SUN which is 1-877-969-4786.
    If you live in the Seattle area, the phone is (425) 869-1847.
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Weather Consulting Service
We will provide a forecast for your personal needs or your business needs. Wedding, parties, bar mitzvahs, reunions or any other fun events we will advise you if your outing will be sunny or not. We will take the worry out of your event planning.

If your business activities involve putting a new roof on your house and you need several days of sunny weather we can help. Please contact us for a quote.

If you are climbing any major peak from Mt. Everest to K2 or anywhere else we can take care of you.
If you would like to be mailed a sample newsletter and/or a brochure please provide us your physical mailing address so we can mail out some materials to you. Request more information